Friday, March 1, 2013

Easter Beauties - Satin Rosettes

Some of my favorites for Easter, and any time a dressy bow is called for - the satin rosette:

Usually make these without leaves, but doesn't it give it such a realistic flair?
This one is layered with a sheer ribbon, and backed up with leaves.  
 And, just because smaller is always cuter - the mini version! =) Gonna have to get a model to show these off, because I really want you to see how adorable they are! =)

March Special

This month is "hostess month!" Host a party this month, and get to jump 2 brackets higher in the hostess benefits! Schedule a party for another month, and jump 1 bracket! Call, e-mail, FB message, whatever - just get ahold of me and get your party booked! =)
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