Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coming Soon...

Stretch-lace headbands! These have been a long time in the making. Finally got around to getting a nice stock and figuring out pricing/sizing.
I think they are so lovely - especially for newborns! Look so fabulous on bald heads! A light touch of daintiness and femininity! More pics of available colors/widths coming soon.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Known Fact

Did you know that I also make French Boards? It's not something in the catalog at the moment, and I don't have them on etsy. I haven't figured out how to ship something so large! =}

These boards are great for organizing bows, holding photos, memo board, not to mention being cool room decor.

They are lightweight, so they don't take much to hang on the wall. I recommend using the removeable stick-on hooks - simple and quick!

Come in a variety of fabrics, always changing (another reason they're not in the catalog). Special requests are certainly welcome!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing - Another "Little Sister" Bow

Isn't it about time for a new style? I thought so. I do many, many different bows, but some of them just remain as "One-of-a-Kinds" and most of them get these big, complicated names as the style changes just slightly (Large Double Basic Bow??). shiver. Okay, so thinking up bow names is not my strong point. I'm trying to get out of my little rut of just adding on to a bow's name. =) So, here's a little darling that came about the other day. It's a smaller version of the Double Ane Bow, so naturally, I thought it's name should be "Mini Double Ane Bow." hehe! But, then I thought - the real Ane has a little sister named Jenna - perfect! =D

So, drumroll, please, for the "Jenna Bow"
These are really tiny - barely three inches across! Probably the smallest "boutique" style bow I can make. (I'm always up for a challenge, though!). This size will be perfect for newborns and petite little princesses. I'm hoping to get some model pics soon so you can see just how cute and tiny these are.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back To School

(Mini Korkers)
It's "Back to School" time! I have mixed emotions about that, as I love having my kids around, not having to get up so early, easy days of fun in the sun and water... But, I'm looking forward to getting some peace and quiet, grocery shopping solo, maybe working on some projects around the house and craft room...

(Spikey Bow)
Next week kind-of marks the end of summer vacation for me with my kids. Hubbie has a conference in Atlanta and I get to go with him. Kids will stay at the Grandmas' homes, which means I'll get a real vacation - sitting around a pool, meandering through shopping areas, eating in nice restaurants. Really looking forward to that!!

(Double Cheer Bow with Korkers)
Here's a taste of some cute bows in classic school uniform colors!
(Cosmo Ribbon Flower)

(Spikey Bow with Korkers)


Mini Korkers

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