Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Amazing Etsy Artisan

I just found another amazingly talented etsy artisan, and had to share it with you. This lady makes gorgeous hair pieces for ladies. Isn't this just so pretty?

It's just so lovely to look at, like eating a rich dessert! And her site is filled with even more. Check it out here:

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tea Time - in New York??

A couple new Gymboree collections -
Tea for Two
A twist on the Loopy Bow - two layers of loops with spikes behind them!

And New York Girl/Puppy School

Sparkly Gem Slides

Here's something new - lovely sparkly gem slides! Add a bit of "bling" to your bows! These are available in circle (shown), oval, heart, star and apple.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Garage Sale Deals!!

Hey, all you garage salers out there! This is a special deal for you!
I've pretty much given up sending out a newsletter this month, because time keeps slipping away. I've been working on the garage sale that's coming up - tomorrow!! Aghh!! Actually, I'm rather calm. I've done these so many times, it just keeps getting easier. Not having kids around tonight also helps my calm. =)
But, to get back to my point....
I'm having a garage sale starting tomorrow, through Saturday. Saturday is also the local community garage sale day, which is kind of a big deal in a little town. Sad, I know.... And of course, not one to miss out on a chance to display my bows, I'm going to have them set up for sale. And to encourage sales, I have a great sale planned - everything in stock is 25% off! This is just during the garage sale, so hurry on out, and check it out!
Oh yeah, here's the directions:
I'm on County Road 38, just north of Wakarusa, between S.R. 19 and C.R. 3 (closer to 3). Look for the sign out front advertising popsicles and lemonade. =) Yeah, my kids love it when we have a garage sale!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

Okay, are you ready?
Presenting: Monogramming!!
Okay, so maybe a little too much drama, but I can't help it! This is something I'm really excited to show you! It's been a while in the works, and I'm really pleased to have it ready for it's debut!

The biggest news is a new product line. These are my "Initial Buttons." They are made with a fabric-covered button, and mounted on a ponytail holder.

I currently have 29 fabric choices, with special requests available with approval. I've focused these fabrics around polka dots - sure to be a hit with any girl!

This is the font that is available at this time. Other fonts may be available in the future, or by special request.

The next big news - monogramming for bows! I can add an initial to most any bow made with the 1 1/2 inch ribbon. Doesn't it really make it look so personal?

Another option in personalization - sparkly letters! These are available for almost any size bow, as they are a smaller letter. Available in white crystals, pink crystals and pearl.

So, what do you think??
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