Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Havin' Some Fun!

People often tell me I'm creative, and I just laugh inside. Some days it flows, but most of the time, it's just not there. I have a dirty little secret I'll share - (I copy - alot). Shh, don't tell! I've got quite a collection of pictures of bows that I like, that I've gathered from the internet. The other day I was in the mood to try experimenting a little. So, I opened the file, and a little examination... a little experimenting... I don't usually end up with the same thing. But, that's probably better anyway! Here's a couple results from my messin' around:
Here's a super sweet bow made with double ruffle ribbon with sheer ribbon on top. I have to admit, this one was hard to make. Not difficult, just hard emotionally. See, I'm such a big double ruffle fan, that it's hard for me to add anything else to it. But, when I saw the finished product, I did fall in love with it. It's so soft and puffy, it's almost "marshmallowy"! Don't think that would work as a name though! =O

This turned out so cute! I forgot about this leopard-print sheer I had stashed away. It was fun to do something a little out of my normal color scheme/personal taste range. It's similar to a "Princess Bow," but with a "Gracie Bow" base and marabou thrown in.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Something for Mom!

Inspiration often comes in a variety of forms! I was helping my friend with a project, and it let to this:
These are really fun! They look fabulouse on a blouse, or in the hair. They're kind of a "Shabby Couture" style. Mounted on an alligator clip, just like the rest of my bows, so they're very versatile.
Of course, these don't have to be just for Mom! These are also sweet on your little one's head - maybe even matching set!
Still working on a name for these little beauts - any ideas?
p.s. I decided to settle on the simple - "Shabby Chic" clip

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oohh, Baby Skin!!

Don't you just love newborn skin!! So velvety sweet! Here's a new model, showing us some popular styles on a newborn's head: Mini Korkers on a Headband

Marabou puff on a yet-to-be-developed new headband style made with stretch lace (keep checking back for more info soon!)

Medium Basic

Pretty Petals Clippie in Ivory

Rufflie Bow

New style - Olivia Bow on Satin

Monday, September 21, 2009

Calling all Marabou Lovers

If you love marabou puffs; if you're one of those people who puts two right next to each other for more "puff" statement - then is one's for you!
One of the things I came up with in the process of preparing for the boutique was create a "boutique-worthy" marabou puff - called the 'Luxe Marabou Puff.
Pretty much the same idea as the regular marabou puff - only bigger. Nearly twice the size! And, these are primarily made with the "deluxe" marabou boas, so they're super fluffy!
Currently available in these colors: White, Ivory, Light Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Shocking Pink, Orchid, Aqua, Lime, Emerald, Golden Yellow, Navy, Brown and Black.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Rufflie Colors!!

Hello, my name is DeAnn and I'm addicted to Double Ruffle Ribbon. Seriously. Like, I could just sift through my supply box all day. And naturally, I can't resist buying it. I recently got a shipment of new colors!! oohh!! Feed the craving!!
New colors are: Ocean Mist, Sapphire, Chalk Violet, Amethyst and Grape (yes, I LOVE purple!!).

Need a Little Retail Therapy?

Yes, my favorite form of therapy is "retail therapy". I tend to head out shopping when I'm feeling blue. Or excited. Or upset. Or deliriously happy. Okay, that one doesn't happen too often! At least I've learned how to shop without actually buying anything. Most of the time. Depends on if it's a Hobby Lobby, Target or Kohl's or not...

Anyway... All that to formally anounce that now you can work out some of your "therapy" and buy bows at the same time!! I now have my bows in two retail locations in this area. So, for all of you who might not be brave enough to call or e-mail me (really, is it that hard???) with an order, you can stop in at one of these stores. One is smack in the middle of beautiful down-town Wakarusa, at the "Sheer Adventure Salon."

The second is in Granger at the Hugs From Heaven Boutique. Although, the owner and I are working on pricing issues. sigh. I just don't have my bows marked for boutique pricing! (let's not get into this) So, they may not have my name/website on them, but I think all you loyal customers will recognize them! =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some changes

I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work/research lately. I'm had a couple oportunities to put bows into actual retail stores. That's very exciting, and I'll post more about that later. But that lead me to give my product kind of a "face lift" in an effort to look more professional. Soon, I hope to be selling all my bows on plastic hang-cards, with a printed label. I think these make the bows look so much better than the poster-board and stamping I've been doing.

Also, I've begun to seal the outer end of the ribbon used to line by clips. Not a huge thing, but I think it puts a more "quality" look on it.

Unfortunately, these steps-up also require a corresponding step-up in pricing. I really pride myself on having an easily affordable product, and don't want that to change. But after a lot of research, and thought, I feel I can bump up my pricing a little bit and still maintain that affordability. So, if you have an old catalog, please be aware that the pricing has changed.

More to come about where you can find my bows in retail stores!! So exciting!!
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