Friday, May 15, 2009

New style!

Today was a kind of dreary day. Rainy, cloudy, cold... A great day to be inside. And the housework just didn't seem very enticing. (like usual) =) So, it was a good day to spend developing a new style:
This is reminiscent of those cute fabric yo-yo's from my grandmother's era. I've been gazing at them thoughtfully for a while now as I walk through the craft stores, wondering about their use as a hair clip.
Today I thought, why not make it with ribbon? And of course, if one layer is good, two is better! =)
So, for lack of a better name, here's the "Yo-Yo Bow". Hmm, is that too corny? I'd welcome some suggestions!
These look great on pigtails, or sweeping up the sides! I love how they have so many color combination options!

Here's Diana modeling two Yo-Yo's that match her cute outfit from my favorite store - Gymboree. Thanks, Grandma!! =) This is from the "Happy Rainbow" collection.

Love those polkas

I just did an order that included these little cuties:

These are double medium basic bows. I thought they were pretty cute!

Monday, May 4, 2009

May newsletter

The May newsletter went out this morning. I didn't get one sent last month, as all my spare time went toward getting ready for the festival. And, since I have plenty of bows left over, the special this month is to help reduce some of that. Buy three, get one free! Included styles are: small and large pinwheels, small and large Gracies, Elenas and medium basic bows. Great time to get your "basics"!
Pinwheel Bow

Small and Large Gracie Bows (stacked)

Elena Bow

Medium Basic Bows

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