Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm back!

I survived and I'm alive! The week before last was a crazy one, filled with emotional ups and downs. The week started out busy planning for the festival, cramming way too many plans into too short of a time. Then things took a different turn when my dear grandmother's health declined. When she passed away early Wednesday morning, I held my breath waiting to hear plans. The funeral was scheduled for Saturday - of course. I hardly knew which emotion to go with - grief from the loss of a much-loved grandma, frustration and despair at losing a great business opportunity, or exhaustion from trying to deal with it all.

Thankfully a couple friends volunteered out of the blue to work my booth for me Saturday. So, I was able to go to the funeral and spend time with my family. It was a special, blessed time. And thanks to a couple dear, sweet, wonderful friends, I was able to do it without frustration and disapointment lurking in the background.

The festival went great, especially for my first year there. I have several home party prospects, and an additional order already. That was one of my main purposes, so that made it seem to worth it.

So this week, I've basically crashed. I'm trying to make it up to my family for neglecting them for so long. We had some fun dinners, went to the library and park... Maybe next week I'll manage to make it up to my house!


Kinzie Sue said...

look at all those lovely bows! I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but also happy for your newfound orders! way to go! and way to go on all those boxes of bows!

Kuche Nawa said...

So sorry for your loss...
Stumbled on your site, the ribbons are gorgeous... they put an instent smile on my face!

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