Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love those Princesses!

If your little girl is anything like mine, you have a lot of "princess-y" stuff hanging around! Disney really hit a good thing making the "Princesses" into their own little cult - talk about marketing genious! =) We're planning a trip to Disney this spring, so I've been looking into adding more "Princess" to Diana's collection. Here's something I'm excited to offer to you:
These are darling little clay figures that can be added to your bows! They are made by a very talented etsy artisan. They will need to be ordered, so please allow 2 weeks for me to order and make the bow. As soon as I get mine, I'll post some pictures of them on a bow!

1 comment:

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

cute! Although I have always thought that Disney could have put Ariel in a tankini top rather than an itty bitty bikini:)

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