Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bow Give-Aways

Here's a little teaser of several of the bows I will be giving away at my open house this weekend. Above, a tutu bow in cheery summery colors - it made me think "rainbow sherbet" - yummm!

Here, a Double Cosmo Bow, in colors that match Gymboree's Glamour Safari.

A one-of-a-kind Rufflie bow! Wow!

And finally, a sneak preview of the tutu I'm giving away. This was so much fun to make! I did it a little differently than normal; I used my sewing machine to stitch two pieces of tulle together for each strip, so this is a nicely filled out tutu!

1 comment:

Natalie said...

CUTE!! That looks like quite the mini rufflie there.
I LOVE Gymboree's Glamor Safari print! I don't always care for their stuff but when I saw that line, I had to have some for Cosette! Thankfully I still had a gift card left! : )

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