Thursday, September 1, 2011

Seeing Double

I had the opportunity this week to take some modeling pics of twin girls! It was so much fun! They are just precious - sweet personalities, and so adorable!
Here they are modeling their "Yo-yo" bows with an initialed covered button on the center. Aren't they so cute as a set? The bows and the girls. =)

Stretch lace headbands - with Pretty Petals in "Dreamy" color.

"Portia Rosette" on a lace headband

"'Luxe Portia Rosettes" (with marabou) 
Aww, I could look at this pic all day - isn't that a precious face?

 Large Mum flower

Marabou puffs on headbands

Two Portia Rosette Headbands! =)

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