Monday, March 19, 2012

Survey says...

So, the Maple Syrup Festival is coming up soon! Yay!! (pray for good weather - last year was a disaster!!) I need to know your opinion. Usually I sell my mini korkers as a set of 2 for $6.50. Mostly because they are usually multi-colored, and two korkers uses up the materials needed. For instance, it takes two rods of baked ribbon for each korker, so if I need 4 colors, I'm making 4 rods anyway.
 However, at the festival and craft shows, I've been selling them as singles for $4, and they always did well. This past craft fair season, I sold them as the set, and they didn't move nearly as well. I don't mind selling them as individuals, because I can still make the set and use up my materials.

So, for this festival, I want to know - what would you be more likely to purchase? Use the survey thing on the right side to let me know! Thanks!

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Me and me only said...

Very nice and creative. Keep it up. Maybe one day I will need them for some occasions.

Hwa from Singapore

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