Friday, February 13, 2009

Ane Bows

Here's a style that's fairly recent. It's the "Ane Bow"!
This is a basic medium bow backed up with spikes. Pretty simple, huh?

I like it because it has the flair of a "boutique-style" bow, but not as showy.


David & Jenna said...

Hey, I really like this bow! and the name ;)

Anonymous said...

Hillarious... I just sent you an email about the "ane bow" and before heading to bed checked your bow blog...and there it was!! Cute!! I'll have to show Ane tomorrow... it'll make her day!
-melisa (and Ane too)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for naming a bow after me! I think I would like it in pink and blue! Tell Kenneth hi for me. love, Anelyse

David & Jenna said...

Did she REALLY write that, Melisa? She is growing up WAY to fast. I guess when you don't see them often you think they should stay the say age as when you last saw them. :) What a cutie!

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