Friday, May 15, 2009

New style!

Today was a kind of dreary day. Rainy, cloudy, cold... A great day to be inside. And the housework just didn't seem very enticing. (like usual) =) So, it was a good day to spend developing a new style:
This is reminiscent of those cute fabric yo-yo's from my grandmother's era. I've been gazing at them thoughtfully for a while now as I walk through the craft stores, wondering about their use as a hair clip.
Today I thought, why not make it with ribbon? And of course, if one layer is good, two is better! =)
So, for lack of a better name, here's the "Yo-Yo Bow". Hmm, is that too corny? I'd welcome some suggestions!
These look great on pigtails, or sweeping up the sides! I love how they have so many color combination options!

Here's Diana modeling two Yo-Yo's that match her cute outfit from my favorite store - Gymboree. Thanks, Grandma!! =) This is from the "Happy Rainbow" collection.

1 comment:

Kinzie Sue said...

I always love variety rather than the typical bow- so I'm a big fan of these!! Yay for yo-yo's!

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