Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crocheted Beanie Hats

Crocheted beanies!

Clips can be attached by simply sliding them through the crocheted weave.

Another option - add a ribbon around the side! Too cute!!

Available in a variety of colors:  Pink, Medium Pink, Pixie Pink, Shocking Pink, Red, White, Purple, Tropical Lilac, Black, Brown, Creme, Lime, Lemon, Sky Blue, Yellow Gold, Orange, Royal, Burgundy, Khaki, Navy, Azalea, Bluebird, Dark Apple, Light Apple, Silver, Charcoal. Two sizes - 5 inch for infants and 7 inch for toddlers on up. (Not all colors available in both sizes)

I have a few in stock, but most of these will need to be ordered, so please allow a little time for shipment.

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