Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hellooo?? Anyone Home??

Yes, I'm talking to myself! =) Has it really been this long with so few posts?!? Well, I guess I have a bit of an excuse. Let's see - I got through the Maple Syrup Festival, and just 2 days later became ill for about 2 1/2 weeks. Mono. Can you believe it!!! I'm just going through my adolescence again. Not good for a momma, let me tell you. Hubbie had to stay home a day and a half; that's never happened in 10 years of marriage. He did awesome, though. Kept kids together in body, at least! =) I think I was very appreciated (for a brief amount of time).  It was so nice to feel good again after that!!

Then I had to hit the open house double time! So, got through that, and then kids were home for summer vacation. Whew! Finally got them settled into a routine (they now know how to entertain themselves again). =) Went on a camping trip (still doing laundry from that). This week was almost totally blank on my calender - do you know how ODD that is!! And wonderful!!!!!! It's taken me until today to finally feel like I have most things caught up, so tonight, I can spend time online with you! Thanks for waiting for me - I've missed you too! =)

I have SOO MANY things to show you! I can't wait! Keep checking back!

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