Saturday, July 31, 2010

Every Girl's a Cowgirl at Heart

What little girl hasn't loved horses? For some girls, it's a stage that eventually burns out. For others (myself included) it's a life-long love affair. Someday I'll own one. Hopefully before I'm too old to even ride! =)

Well, Gymboree, got me with two loves. Their new collection is named "Cowgirls at Heart" - and the colors? Just one of my favorite color combos - purple, brown and light green! For cryin' out loud! How am I supposed to resist that!?!

Mini Brittney Bows

Boutique Tails-Down Bow
Hopefully these bows are just as hard to resist!


Rachel said...

Too cute! I will definately have to check out that clothing line!

DeAnn said...

Yes, I think of you everytime I see a "cowgirl" collection - I thought you might like this one! =)

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