Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back To School

(Mini Korkers)
It's "Back to School" time! I have mixed emotions about that, as I love having my kids around, not having to get up so early, easy days of fun in the sun and water... But, I'm looking forward to getting some peace and quiet, grocery shopping solo, maybe working on some projects around the house and craft room...

(Spikey Bow)
Next week kind-of marks the end of summer vacation for me with my kids. Hubbie has a conference in Atlanta and I get to go with him. Kids will stay at the Grandmas' homes, which means I'll get a real vacation - sitting around a pool, meandering through shopping areas, eating in nice restaurants. Really looking forward to that!!

(Double Cheer Bow with Korkers)
Here's a taste of some cute bows in classic school uniform colors!
(Cosmo Ribbon Flower)

(Spikey Bow with Korkers)


Mini Korkers

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