Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Introducing - Another "Little Sister" Bow

Isn't it about time for a new style? I thought so. I do many, many different bows, but some of them just remain as "One-of-a-Kinds" and most of them get these big, complicated names as the style changes just slightly (Large Double Basic Bow??). shiver. Okay, so thinking up bow names is not my strong point. I'm trying to get out of my little rut of just adding on to a bow's name. =) So, here's a little darling that came about the other day. It's a smaller version of the Double Ane Bow, so naturally, I thought it's name should be "Mini Double Ane Bow." hehe! But, then I thought - the real Ane has a little sister named Jenna - perfect! =D

So, drumroll, please, for the "Jenna Bow"
These are really tiny - barely three inches across! Probably the smallest "boutique" style bow I can make. (I'm always up for a challenge, though!). This size will be perfect for newborns and petite little princesses. I'm hoping to get some model pics soon so you can see just how cute and tiny these are.

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Anonymous said...

AWWW...we feel honored!! We'll have to order one and send you a model pic of Jenna with her Jenna bow! :)

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