Friday, September 26, 2008

any Christmas ideas??

Okay, since I'm really new at this, I thought I'd ask your opinion on something. I'm thinking about what I'm going to display at the two craft fairs I'll be selling at. Since they'll be just before the holidays, I want to cater to that. So, I'm wondering - what to do?? I know, of course there's the classic red and green - but are those really worn much on girl's clothing? I also keep tabs on the current Gymboree lines - and love their new ones I might add! Check it out here:

So, I'll do some black/red combos. But, I guess I'm wondering, what styles are going to be popular, and what other colors. So - what's in your little one's closet? Any input would be appreciated!


Anonymous said...

DeAnn...a couple ideas... blue and black and dark green and dark burgundy all in velvet seem to have been popular colors in the past... especially mixed with gold around Christmas time... it seems like a lot of past magazines featuring kids at Christmas had little girls in velvet gold trimmed dresses too...just an idea...can't wait to see your bow collection when we're out! -melisa

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

I was going to suggest adding some gold as well. I usually dress my kids (every year:) in deep red, black, with gold accents. I've seen dark purple as well along with the velvet...

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