Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the big day

Today's the day! My first "Bow Show" is tonight! I'm really excited, and a little nervous. I've got a bunch of things I need to do yet, so this will be short. Here's a sneak preview of what's going to be debuting at the show tonight:

New headband colors for fall! I really like them, even though I was hoping for darker colors with the top row. I'm going to try again for Christmas with a different dye and see what happens. I'm really liking the gray too.

New marabou colors too! There's sage, plum, burnt orange, black, purple and brown. I really like the plum. It also has a flower to match:
I made bows in all my "specialty" bow styles to match the headbands, as examples. I was pleased with how it shows off the headbands. Here's a sample:
Well, that's all I've got time for now. Jenna said she's got at least 10 people coming, with 7 more maybes - I need to make some more catalogs!! Definitely not complaining! She even has a booking already! Wow! (she told me matter-of-factly that "she knows how to do parties!) =)


Natalie said...

Haha you should have said "Are you sure it's not the product that's attracting all the people?"

Love the new headband colors!

David & Jenna said...

LOL...I was joking about that party comment. But I do know that the more people you invite the more people you have show up. :)
I like the gray headband too!
Thanks for doing the party DeAnn. You did a great job! And I know everyone really liked all your bows!!

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