Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fighting Irish Spirit

Okay, anyone who knows me for very long knows I'm just not into sports. And, thankfully, neither is my husband! I was just asking him today if he knew who won yesterday's ND game, and he didn't know or care! So, this is kind of an odd post for me. But, for all you local ND fans, and there are plenty of them in our area, here's a collection for you:

I had a request for ND bows at my next show, so I delved in. I'm also planning to have a bunch of these at the craft fairs in South Bend. They are kind of cute - puts me in a team spirit - almost makes me want to watch a game... NOT!!!!! =P

Remember, if you're interested in anything I blog about here, let me know. I can invoice people directly through paypal, or work out something else. Lots of these things will also find their way onto the etsy site.


Rachel said...

While you're on the subject of 'fan bows' there's a lot of Purdue fans in the area too. I was kinda wishing I had one on Saturday...kinda.:) I bet Nate would love to see one of those in Portia's hair. :) Just an idea.

DeAnn said...

Yes, I did think that I should probably do some other universities. I may expand to some local schools as well. So, who won that game??

Rachel said...

Well, unfortunately ND won...sigh...Maybe next year!

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

Okay - I want the streamers hair tie in navy blue and white - the one with the bow too! Maybe with red added in???

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