Friday, December 12, 2008

New style - 3

Drumroll..... Saving the best for last! (too bad you'll read it first, and ruin that!) =)Here's my favorite of the three new styles:I call this one the "Over-the-Top Bow". Not because it's huge or overly showy, but because of it's shape. This one took a little while to figure out - reading the directions VERY CAREFULLY helps! =) When made properly, the loops go "over the top" of the top bow.I really like this one! It's a little showy - but I don't think it's too much! I can also make this one in several sizes. Mediums are shown in previous photos, and small is below.


Julie said...

I LOVE the zebra print ribbon!! =0)

DeAnn said...

Yeah, it is kinda fun! Shall I make you one? =)

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