Monday, November 23, 2009

Look Mom, No Slipping!

I now offer "Gripzies" Non-Slip Stickies for Hair Clippies! These are very popular, because they can keep a bow in even the finest of hair! Also great for the very active "princess"! Bows stay in great, because the foam conforms to the clip, filling in the gaps caused by the angle of the prongs, or the ribbon used to make the bow. Because there's no longer the "pulling" on the few strands of hair that manage to grip with a plain clip, and no slipping around, you may find more tolerance for wearing bows!! Now that's a good thing!! =)

These are fabulous and super easy to apply! They come as small strips of foam, with an adhesive side.

Simply peel off a strip, place it sticky side up inside the expsed metal prong (not ribbon-covered) of the alligator clip -

Then, simpy close the clip. This makes sure the Gripzie stays right in the center of the prong where it belongs.

Voila! A 10 second fix! And cheap too! I sell these in small packages of 13, and they are so cheap it's silly! But, I think once you try them - you'll love them! And your little one will too! So, then you'll buy more bows, right??? (Suddenly I'm thinking of the "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" book!) =) Oh, and they're latex-free.

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