Sunday, November 1, 2009

Want a freebie??

Want a free bow? Here's how: if you have a blog, make a post about my products, include a link to my website and blog, and let me know. Feel free to borrow some pics from my website, or I can send you some. I'll send you a bow of my choice (you can make suggestions, if you'd like)! That's it! How hard is that! I'd be happy to spread some "love" for you as well!
p.s. I don't have plans to have this expire, so feel free to do it anytime. One per person, though. =)


David & Jenna said...

Hey! I post a link to your blog on my FB page :) Hope it helps!!

Natalie said...

I posted on Facebook too, and my blog. : ) I'm probably going to order some more bows sometime soon too! : )

Whitney said...

Thanks to Natalie..I posed on my blog:)Love the bows!

DeAnn said...

Thanks Jenna, Natalie and Whitney! I'll get your bows out to you soon!

standish said...

Hi Deann, I would love to post this to my facebook page, can you tell me how to do it?

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