Friday, November 14, 2008

New styles!! =)

I was thinking about ways to re-design the butterfly bows, since I don't really like them anymore. So, today I took some of them and ripped them apart, then rebuilt them. I made some of them into double pinwheels, then got adventurous! I had fun with these! First I put a mini korker on top of them: I'm really liking these! I think they're great - they combine two of my absolute favorites - pinwheels and korkers.

Then I ran out of color scheme ideas with the korkers, so I turned to my wider ribbon:
These are made with the pinwheel base, and a basic medium bow on top. I used a wider ribbon than usual for the rosette - I really like the effect!
Of course, the next thing to do is give these little beauties names. And, since I'm still working through my neices names, these are called - the "Laisa Bow" (top) and "Lily Bow" (bottom). Perfect, since they are sisters and the bows are kind of related in style! =)

1 comment:

Julie said...

Very cute DeAnn :)
I'll have to check out your stash the next time we're up...

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