Saturday, November 8, 2008

show off your cutie!

Just wanted to mention - I love to see my hair bows in action! If any of you want to send me pictures of your little sweeties wearing my creations, I'll post them on the blog. If you don't want them posted, just let me know - I'd still like to see them. Any old snapshot it fine! Here's one of Diana to get the ball rolling:
I love this photo, because it's her first tea party! And she did it all herself! With boys, I knew there were certain things they didn't need to be taught, like how to make amazing sound effects, and how to play with trucks and tools. Now I'm learning about girls - I guess she was born with "princess" genes! She puts her toys of choice in a basket, and hauls them to these steps. She had it all set up by herself. I came over for a "spot o' tea" too, of course!

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