Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Need a Little Retail Therapy?

Yes, my favorite form of therapy is "retail therapy". I tend to head out shopping when I'm feeling blue. Or excited. Or upset. Or deliriously happy. Okay, that one doesn't happen too often! At least I've learned how to shop without actually buying anything. Most of the time. Depends on if it's a Hobby Lobby, Target or Kohl's or not...

Anyway... All that to formally anounce that now you can work out some of your "therapy" and buy bows at the same time!! I now have my bows in two retail locations in this area. So, for all of you who might not be brave enough to call or e-mail me (really, is it that hard???) with an order, you can stop in at one of these stores. One is smack in the middle of beautiful down-town Wakarusa, at the "Sheer Adventure Salon."

The second is in Granger at the Hugs From Heaven Boutique. Although, the owner and I are working on pricing issues. sigh. I just don't have my bows marked for boutique pricing! (let's not get into this) So, they may not have my name/website on them, but I think all you loyal customers will recognize them! =)

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