Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Havin' Some Fun!

People often tell me I'm creative, and I just laugh inside. Some days it flows, but most of the time, it's just not there. I have a dirty little secret I'll share - (I copy - alot). Shh, don't tell! I've got quite a collection of pictures of bows that I like, that I've gathered from the internet. The other day I was in the mood to try experimenting a little. So, I opened the file, and a little examination... a little experimenting... I don't usually end up with the same thing. But, that's probably better anyway! Here's a couple results from my messin' around:
Here's a super sweet bow made with double ruffle ribbon with sheer ribbon on top. I have to admit, this one was hard to make. Not difficult, just hard emotionally. See, I'm such a big double ruffle fan, that it's hard for me to add anything else to it. But, when I saw the finished product, I did fall in love with it. It's so soft and puffy, it's almost "marshmallowy"! Don't think that would work as a name though! =O

This turned out so cute! I forgot about this leopard-print sheer I had stashed away. It was fun to do something a little out of my normal color scheme/personal taste range. It's similar to a "Princess Bow," but with a "Gracie Bow" base and marabou thrown in.

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Julie said...

Lovin' the Leopard!!

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