Monday, September 21, 2009

Calling all Marabou Lovers

If you love marabou puffs; if you're one of those people who puts two right next to each other for more "puff" statement - then is one's for you!
One of the things I came up with in the process of preparing for the boutique was create a "boutique-worthy" marabou puff - called the 'Luxe Marabou Puff.
Pretty much the same idea as the regular marabou puff - only bigger. Nearly twice the size! And, these are primarily made with the "deluxe" marabou boas, so they're super fluffy!
Currently available in these colors: White, Ivory, Light Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Shocking Pink, Orchid, Aqua, Lime, Emerald, Golden Yellow, Navy, Brown and Black.

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