Thursday, April 15, 2010

Come One Come All!

It's time! The Maple Syrup Festival is upon us! Hubby and I set up the tent this evening, which turned out to be quite an adventure (and just a little stressfull! Got to practice our marriage skills, though!) =O LOL!! The wind was just a bit breezy, which turns canopies into large kites! Thankfully, we had already planned on weighting it down, so were prepared.

Look for us in front of the post office. Traffic flow through town is a bit hairy- so just be prepared to walk a bit. But, it's so worth it - a friendly town, nice weather, great entertainment, bows, Haitian linens... =)

Each festival time, I have to decide what styles to focus on. It's gotten easier as I know what sells, but it's still easy for me to go overboard. I'm pretty pleased with myself for coming up with a variety of styles while trying to keep it simple. I think. After looking over my list, it seems like so many styles - but I finally decided I just couldn't leave any of these beauties out! So, here's what's on the "menu" for this year:

Cosmos - I'm hoping they'll be my "attention-grabbers"! I think it will work - they're just so darling! =)

Of course, one of my faves and one of my "signature" items - the mini korker! I sell them individually at the festival, so if you'd like to get just one, this is your chance.

Another of my "signature" items - and another favorite - the marabou puff.

One of my most popular bows - the Pinwheels - in small and large.

Gracie Bows - small and large

Medium basic bows

Pretty Petals clippies and Daisies

One item I make that you may not be aware of. It's not in the catalog yet, but I have been making them for a while now - French boards. These are great as bow holders, photo collages, messages, little papers your kids make and expect you to treasure. =) I really expanded my selection of these for the festival - loads of great new patterns!!

And of course, I can't forget my absolute, all-time favorite!! The Rufflie bow in regular and Mini!! =)

Sheer Rosettes

I also have a really cool collection of local school colors in several different styles - double pinwheels, spikey bows, cheer bows, pony-o's, korkers, etc. And headbands of course.

So, ready to come see all the lovely colors and styles? Come check me out (and my mom!!) We'll be in front of the post office tomorrow from 9-9 and Saturday from 9-8. Hope to see you there!!


David & Jenna said...

So, do you have pictures of your booth all set up? I wanted to come but I didn't want to take Corbin out in the cold weather. How did the big "bow" turn out, did it help attract people??

DeAnn said...

Aww, I so miss little Corbin!! Been thinking about you guys - I've got to get over and cuddle him soon!! =)

Unfortunately, the bow has yet to show up. =( I'm sure it would have been a great attention-grabber, but with the wind we had, I'm glad I didn't have to worry about it blowing into the next county! LOL!! Hopefully by the open house -I'll put it up somewhere then.

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