Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ugh - the "Chin-gollies"

When we were little and got sick, my dad would say we had the "chin-gollies". Whatever those are. But they sure sound cute and innocent.

Not the "chin-gollies" that are in my body. Oh no. These are vicious little beasties, that like to hang on forEVER!!! I've been on my back for the past couple days, and off and on for the past week. Grr.... Moms just aren't supposed to get sick!! Hubby was so sweet, and stayed home yesterday to care for me and the kids, but today asked if I would be okay without him. He wanted out!!! =D Maybe I'll be more appreciated... for a day or two....

I did have a laugh this morning when I ventured downstairs for the first time in a while. Wow! I guess I really do make a difference in my home! LOL!! The first sight that greeted me was the dog nosing through little boy undies, lying scattered among several days worth of jammies. Not typical, let me tell you. At least it brought a smile to my face. The man did well keeping kids together in body (and he bought me popsicles and flowers - such a romantic!!), but there's just some things that need a momma's attention.

So, now that I've given you all probably "too much information" - on to the fun stuff!

I've been working on the open house invitations, and planning some really fun stuff! A little at a time, as much as my headache would allow - very little at a time. With my son's help, they are all stamped and ready to go!  I'm getting pretty excited - hope you are too! Here's a little of what's in store to help:
  • Door prizes for everyone - draw a slip of paper with a prize: a discount (10,15,20% off), 1/2 off items, free bow, etc.
  • Drawings for great prizes - Vera Bradley purses, cooler, Usborne book, Disney t-shirts, french board, bows (of course!!!), etc. How I plan to work it is, write down your name and phone number where I can reach you right away. When it's time for the drawing, the first person I draw gets the pick of the items. Second person gets pick of what's left, and so on, until it's all gone!
  • I'll have a nice little spread of goodies to eat, of course! What's a get-together without food! And I love to eat, don't you!!
More information to come as it gets closer!


Natalie said...

Wow you sure know how to throw a party DeAnn! That sounds so fun! : )

Anonymous said...

Aww...wish I could come... sounds like a fabulous time!! How was the festival? Did people like your gigantic bow?! Hope you get feeling better soon!! love, melisa

DeAnn said...

Despite the weather in the beginning, the festival went great! Friday was wet, cold and windy (not fun!), and Saturday was cool and a little breezy, but we made it through. It was fun having Mom and Dad right next to me! My huge bow has yet to show up. =( It was so windy during the festival, that I probably wouldn't have had it up anyway. Oh well, next year.

p.s. - feeling lots better today - still not 100%, but even 75% feels great compared to 25%!! =)

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