Friday, April 9, 2010

Maple Syrup, Anyone??

I'm gearing up for the Maple Syrup Festival, here in our great little town of Wakarusa! I hope to see some of you! It shouldn't be too hard to find me - my hubby ordered a HUUUUGE bow for the top of my tent!! =O It's so sweet! We were joking around, trying to come up with some sign/eye catcher thing. He said what I really need is a giant bow for the top. Then of course, he looks online and finds one! So he was sweet enough to get one for me. It's like a gift bow - the biggest gift bow you've ever seen!! LOL!!! I think it'll be cute!
I've been going through my stash, and replenishing things. I decided to add Cosmo ribbon flowers to the selection this year, which I think will attract some attention - they're just so cute! So if you're a fan of Cosmos - come check them out!
There will be a drawing and specials, of course. So come on down to beautiful Wakarusa and have some fun! My mom is going to be there too, selling the Haitian linens!
Dates - Friday, April 16th, and Saturday, April 17th. I think it all starts up at 9 on Friday and 8 on Saturday, but I'm not positive right now, until 7 or 8 in the evenings. Guess I should ask about that, huh? =)


Natalie said...

Hey, hey I think I can actually make it this year! I'd come just to see that bow Otto got for you! What a guy, what a guy. : )

DeAnn said...

Yes, he is! =) I'm anxious to see it too - hope it comes in time!! =} If anyone needs tickets to the Nelson's BBQ - let me know by Tuesday! =)

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