Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cards

Hey, all you guys that have procrastinated getting your Christmas cards ordered (like me). =} For some reason, Hubby likes to bug me about it - he is actually better at getting them done than I am. Cannot figure that one out. But, anyway, getting back to Christmas cards...

Shutterfly has a promo going through tomorrow (see, I told you I procrastinate!). If you have a blog, and are willing to do some free advertising for them (see this post??), =) you can get some free cards! Shutterfly has the most awesome cards! They have fresh, comtemporary, and have tons of really nice religious ones

I have also been working on some Christmas presents on their site. Shh, don't tell them, but certain grandparents who took us to Disney this past year are getting a photobook of our trip (if I get it done in time! ha!).  I just bet you have someone who is a bit hard to buy for; think about a photo gift! We've done mugs, mousepads, photo collages, and they are always well received. Don't forget Dad - these make great guy gifts! I know, it's not a tie or tool. He'll thank you.

And, just because I cannot resist, here are just a few of the pictures I am considering for this year's card:

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