Friday, October 31, 2008

Crunch Time

Growing up, there was a moment while we were getting the house ready for company that my mom would say, "put it in high gear" and/or "it's crunch time". Well, that's where I'm at now. Actually, I'm feeling quite calm, but maybe I shouldn't. I feel like I've got so much done so far this week, that whatever I have left to do surely won't be a problem. Here's an idea of what's going on:
  • Go through bows, make sure I have nice assortment of colors in each style
  • Set up table and gridwalls, organize displays
  • Put together the basket for the drawing
  • Spray paint some baskets to look nice as display containers
  • Print labels and signs
  • Print out plenty of order forms and catalogs
  • Gather everything I'll need tomorrow (FOOD, calculator, snacks, bags, caffeinated drinks, etc.) =0

I'll be packing it all up and hauling it over to the fair tonight. I'm so glad we get to set up the day before, since I don't really know how long it'll take me yet.

I hope you'll stop by and see me - and Mom - tomorrow. The craft fair is at Southfield Retirement Community in the Assisted Living front hall. It's from 9-3. See you then!

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