Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What to call it?

Okay, now that I've left you in suspense for a whole day, here's the newest addition: These are made on a french clip (the kind with the squeeze/spring mechanism), and are a little painful to make. But, they're not as hard as it looks! I can use all kinds of ribbon, so these will be a lot of fun! I'm imagining printed ribbons, different widths, even maybe adding korkers and marabou! They can be made in various sizes, depending on the size of the clip.

The problem I have now is figuring out a name for these! The directions call them "loopy bows", but I already have another bow that I call the "loopy bow." The old one isn't in the catalog, by some quirk, so I could rename it. Here's what the first "loopy bow" looks like:So, I ask for your opinion - what should I call these bows? Only one can have the "loopy bow" name - the old or the new?? I could give them a girl's name, but I thought I'd ask your opinion (I'm not very good at coming up with names for things).


Natalie said...

Oooh love it! Diana's hair looks so cute like that!
I think the "old" bow is better named the loopy bow, and I love how you name them girls' names! I think it's so cute. So I think you need to come up with another girl name for your new bow!

Anonymous said...

I think that new one looks like it belongs on a princess and it crowns like a tiara/tierra (or however you spell that word) so that would be my suggestion! (Course the girly names are sweet too...beautiful and yet difficult to shape/mold...do you have a Diana namesake bow?) : ) It was great being with you guys again!
love, melisa

DeAnn said...

Natalie- thanks for the input! I like the girls' names too - and I will never run out of them!! =)

DeAnn said...

That's a great idea, Melisa! I hadn't thought of it looking like a tiara. No, I don't have a Diana bow yet. I guess this one might fit her personality! LOL!! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi DeAnn: I am not sure who Melissa is but I am in total agreement with here on this bow. It is just beautiful. I almost - remember I said almost - wish I had a little girl to do bows on again. Martha had bows as I said before , but nothing as beautiful as these. You are doing a great job. Pray that your partys are doing well. Luv ya much A.K.

David & Jenna said...

I like also like how you name your bows girls names. :)

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