Monday, October 13, 2008

New Inspirations

I've been absent from blogging, but not from bow-making. Except for this past week; I've been keeping the house just above the "can't-stand-it-anymore" level for a while, so it was time to give it a good cleaning. And what a great reason to clean - Tim and Melisa and their crew spent the night with us Saturday. It was great!

But, getting back to bows - I had a couple new things that I just hadn't blogged about yet, and a couple new inspirations.

Here's the first inspiration:

It's a sheer rosette. I'm really liking these! Sometimes I'm not too sure about something, so I'll go try it on Diana, and then I'll love it. This was one of those. I think they're a great holiday addition. Right now I have them in pink, lavender, black, wine, olive, and gold. Soon to come are ivory, brown, white and plum. I even created a boutique bow with these, on a velvet and satin bow. I'll have to get a picture of that on Diana later.

So, now for the newest additions. Yesterday I was sitting behind little Gracie in church, and kept staring at her bow. Yes, I was contemplating the sermon, too - just doing a little multi-tasking in the in-between moments! =) I studied it for a while, and thought maybe it would be a good addition to the collection. I'm trying to build up many varieties for the catalog, so I keep my eyes out for new styles. I did a little searching last night, and found the directions for it. So, here it is - the "Gracie Bow":

They're a little trickier to get the hang of. I definitely need more practise - these are a little uneven, and they aren't even the first ones! =}

Okay, I have another one to blog about, but I think this is long enough! Check back soon for more!


David & Jenna said...

Cute, DeAnn, I really like the Gracie Bow. Hmmmm....ok it's been long enough, you can post about the other new bow(s) you have. ;)

DeAnn said...

Wow, Jenna! I never expected such anxiousness from you! =O I'm glad you're getting "into" the bow thing! =)

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