Tuesday, October 28, 2008

today's accomplishments

Well, not so much in the bow-making department today. Had to get groceries, run a couple errands, then this afternoon took the boys to martial arts. But, I did get these gift boxes "wrapped up":

I'm hoping they will attract the "gift-giving" crowd - maybe people who don't necessarily have a little girl at home to buy bows for, but might give them as a gift. I asked Otto how he thought they looked (if they looked professional and complete). He said they looked "expensive". That's not a bad thing! I try to keep all my items reasonably priced, so hopefully they'll seem like a good value.

Tonight I worked on a bunny costume. You'll have to check out our family blog this weekend to see how that turned out! Should be pretty cute! Well, back to work! Check back tomorrow to see what I can accomplish then!


Natalie said...

This is a great idea DeAnn!! I think they look beautiful, and expensive (I agree it's a good thing). Very classy!
Keep up the amazing work!

Ryan and Becky Weiss said...

Great idea with the gift boxes:)

Anonymous said...

Gift boxes are adorable DeAnn!! Btw, the girls are now walking billboards for you... :) Now that we have so many colors they have to pick out their coordinating bows/pony o's every morning...it's just part of the routine...brush teeth, brush hair, do hair...pick out bows!!! : ) Have a great day... can't wait to hear how your shows go! -melisa

DeAnn said...

Melisa, sounds like my routine! Diana's rarely without something in her hair!

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